The line is shapeless, the shape is formless駐村藝術家金多彬個展

展覽日期:2024-05-08 ~ 2024-07-28
上架日期︰2024-05-07 11:10:06







This exhibition is about questioning the mechanism of the response of the physical body to the surroundings. The intricate moments of decision on the road negotiates with the rules and circumstance. In the ignorant states of the regional traffic rules, the artist explores how the physical body reacts to the symbols as abstractive languages. Tainan has been regarded as Taiwan’s oldest urban area, where its road scape signifies the blend of social and local history. 


The language on the road consists of various forms such as lines, colours and shapes. They create the social choreography instructing the physical movement where to stop, turn and go. reconstructs the perspective of sign languages. If the body were passively reacted and located on the road, the audience would be allowed to transform the position of sculptures thus following their moving journey in this exhibition. The mobilizing installation reformulates the social language individually to the responders.


Dabin Kim

Dabin Kim is a multidisciplinary artist and performer from South Korea. She studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, the University of London. Her work is situated at the intersection of liveness and stillness, and focused on immersive live situations and installations. Through her practice, she is trying to thread the fine line between our current states of beings and the concepts that we accept without question, in order to touch upon the instinctive senses which are related to the subconscious rules we are following.