Art Gym - Cultural Workout湯明煦 Tamas Szvet

藝術健身房 - 一起練出文化力
展覽日期:2023-10-07 ~ 2024-09-29
上架日期︰2024-05-16 10:52:18


ART GYM invites visitors to a playful challenge, one that harmoniously intertwines the contemplation of art and culture with the pure delight of physical exercise. The exhibition is arranged similarly to a gymnasium, seamlessly bridging physical and mental activities. The interactive objects aim to create a playful yet thought-provoking experience. Sports and Art are often considered opposites; while one mobilizes the body, the other cultivates the mind. However, they are both known for their positive impacts, such as immersing the user in a flow state. To remain in this joyful zone, one has to be constantly challenged. The Art Gym's interactive artworks aim to create this challenge, and by following the artist's instructions, one can stimulate both the body and the mind.

The exhibition aims to establish a strong foundation of positive habits, such as staying active or participating in the community, that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, along with the goal of fostering a curious and open-minded attitude. Traditional Chinese letters form the basis of the artworks, leading thoughts with references to traditional celebrations, philosophy, or poetry to accentuate the local culture. However, truly capturing the essence of culture is not only about observation but also about participation and engagement with the community. Art Gym aims to cultivate this process through its 'CULTURAL WORKOUT' program