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日本藝術家 鈴木悠哉 《幻影阿哥拉》裝置藝術展 Phantoms Agora | Japanese artist YUYA SUZUKI


歡迎各位大朋友及小朋友一同進入藝術家的幻影異想世界,「幻影阿哥拉」裝置藝術展是日本藝術家鈴木悠哉(Yuya Suzuki)最新創作。藝術家遊走臺灣臺南、臺北、花蓮、日本、韓國首爾及中國北京、上海等亞洲城市,以他獨特的觀察角度,將城市中不起眼的角落幻化為景色,繪製成許多手繪圖畫。 「幻影阿哥拉」究竟是什麼呢?阿哥拉(Agora),源自古希臘文αγορά,意指人們聚集、聊天、思考的地方。藝術家利用不同創作媒材,如3D立體作品、動畫、燈箱和布製品等,將平面手繪圖畫實體化真實呈現,並將展場打造為一個特殊的空間,串聯作品及半公共場域,希望觀眾參觀展覽時能穿梭其中,藝術家邀請觀眾在展場進行日常活動,休息、玩樂、閱讀、畫畫、舉辦工作坊、獨處放空、聊天等。依不同作品特性,有些可以觸摸、有些可當作桌子或椅子使用,作品也可變成兒童遊戲的一部分。若將整體展覽視為一件大型裝置藝術作品,擺設隨著觀眾加入改變位置,整體構圖也隨著變動,創造出流動地景的概念。


“Phantoms Agora” Installation Art Exhibition | Japanese artist Yuya Suzuki

Welcome, everyone, to the imaginary world of phantoms created by the artist. The installation, “Phantoms Agora”, is the latest creation of the Japanese artist, Yuya Suzuki. The artist has visited places around Asia, including Tainan, Taipei, and Hualien in Taiwan, Japan, Seoul in Korea, Beijing and Shanghai in China. Through his observations from a unique perspective, he has transformed insignificant corners within these cities into illusory landscapes in the forms of hand-drawn images.

So, what exactly is “Phantoms Agora”? Agora originates from an ancient Greek word, αγορά, meaning a gathering place for people to assemble, talk, and think. The artist employs different media, such as 3D objects, animation, lightboxes, and fabrics to actualize his hand-drawn pictures to substantial artworks in reality. He creates a distinctive space crossing the installation and semi-public space for the visitors to walk through the artworks during the exhibition. In this place, viewers can rest, play, read a book, draw a picture, hold a workshop, stay alone absent-mindedly, or chat. Based on the features of the artworks, viewers can touch them or even use them as a chair or a desk while some art pieces can also become parts of children’s play. The whole exhibition can be seen as a large-scale installation. With the involvement of the viewers by changing the arrangement of the setting, overall composition will also change consequently and thus create a fluid landscape.

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