A10 特展館A10 Special Exhibition Gallery

再循環自然(Repsychling Nature)紐約藝術家聯展

展期|預計展至110年 4月4日

地點|蕭壠文化園區 A10館

策展人|薇妲‧薩巴紀(Vida Sabbaghi)

參展藝術家|歐普麗.蘿茉爾(Aubrey Roemer)、傑克.賈西吉(Jacques Jarrige)、朴繡梨(Sui Park)、威爾.克茲(Will Kurtz)、安允模(Yun Mo Ahn)及布魯克林研究計劃(Brooklyn Research)

蕭壠文化園區自2015年成立兒童美術館以來,歷經「剪花故事館」及「剪紙合作社─蕭壠計畫」到「兒童五金電影院」,打造一個以兒童美感體驗為中心的藝術空間,呈現專為兒童所策劃的常設展覽,融合在地文化元素,讓兒童從遊戲、互動中培養美學。透過活潑、互動性高的展示設計,創造視覺、聽覺及觸覺等五感互動體驗,使藝術體驗更向下扎根。蕭壠兒童美術館首次邀請到國際級策展人薇妲‧薩巴紀(Vida Sabbaghi)跨國策展領銜多國藝術家聯合展出。

《再循環自然紐約藝術家聯展》自美國紐約出發巡迴,首站自紐約皇后博物館(Queens Museum)展出,第六站來到臺灣臺南,這次特別針對臺灣文化及蕭壠地域特色、人文環境進行考察作為創作基底,並以「自然」為主題,作品融入運用日常生活中常見的材料如金屬絲、木頭、紙張、粗布、報紙等,以趣味且重覆堆疊、再循環的手法,為觀眾創造出藝術家眼中奇特的自然樂園。

Repsychling Nature - Group Exhibition of COPE NYC


Period: 2020/1/17-2021/4/4

Curator: Vida Sabbaghi

Artists: Aubrey Roemer, Jacques Jarrige, Sui Park, Will Kurtz, Yun Mo Ahn, Brooklyn Research

Inaugurated in 2015, Siao-long Children’s Museum of Art has accommodated various exhibitions, such as “Papercut Story House”, “PapercutField: Soulangh Project”, and “Household Hardware Cinema”. We are dedicated in creating an art space specifically designed for children to learn and experience art. The permanent exhibitions are incorporated with local cultural elements to allow children to cultivate aesthetics through play and interactive games. The vibrant and interactive displays stimulate children’s five senses, including vision, hearing touch, and etc. Aesthetic experiences for younger generations can thus be formed in daily life. It is the first time for us to invite the internationally prominent curator, Vida Sabbaghi, together with artists from different countries in this group exhibition for Children’s Museum of Art.       

Starting from New York, U.S., “Repsychling” was exhibited at Queens Museum in New York City at its first iteration and Tainan, Taiwan, as its sixth iteration. Based on Taiwanese culture as well as local and cultural uniqueness of Siao-long, the creations, inspired by the natural world of Taiwan, are brought to life with ordinary materials such as wire, wood, paper, cheesecloth, and newspapers. The artists create natural marvels through lively approaches and recycled materials for visitors.

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