A11 臺南藝陣館A11 Tainan Yizhen



本館運用臺南巿頂太子沙淘宮所捐贈之舊廟構材、廟宇文物重新在展館內搭建,期以營造出廟宇與廟埕的空間氛圍,並展示園區典藏陣頭文物呈現廟會時廟埕前熱鬧的景象。鎮館之寶為來自佳里震興宮的泥塑神像──李府千歲、清水祖師以及雷府大將,具有百年歷史,神像承載宗教信仰、神像風格及傳統工藝技法的訊息,富含許多佳里地區居民的共同記憶,在經過臺南藝術大學博古所(Graduate Institute of Conservation of Cultural Relics and Museology)的修復後,於園區內藝陣館展出。


Tainan is the cradle of Han civilization in Taiwan and the traditional folk beliefs brought by immigrants have been passed down from generation to generation. Seasonal temple festivals, such as god birthdays, pilgrimages, local god inspection tours and ritual ceremonies, are held regularly and the traditional arts troupes -- yizhen -- that accompany the celebrations have flourished; giving Tainan the name "homeland of the yizhen."

Taiwan has a rich tradition of traditional folk performing arts. Yizhen, loosely meaning 'art formation', is a term used to describe the myriad mobile Taiwanese popular religion performance troupes seen accompanying temple processions. Yizhen is a combination of the terms ‘yi ge’ and ‘zhentou’. ‘Yi ge’ are elaborate floats portraying ancient poems, stories or heroes and the religious ‘Centipede Troupe’ is a long line of children dressed as historical figures or folk heroes riding on boards shouldered by bearers that resembles a centipede, a standard centipede is 36 segments and they sometimes stretch to 108 segments long.“Tīn-thâu”, the temple parade troupes leading deity processions, has been used to enhance grand and mighty atmospheres as well as to create a lively and bustling scene. Traditionally, the folk art are categorized into “artistic performances”, such as music and dance, and “martial art”, which involves martial skills and military formations. 

The exhibition aims at creating a space with the atmosphere of temples and temple squares through applying and reconstructing antique building structures and historical objects donated by Shatao Temple. Featuring the invaluable hundred-year old clay sculptures of three deities from Zhen-xing Temple, including Lord of Li (Qian Sui), Master Qingshui, and General Lei, which symbolize religious belief, expressive styles, and traditional craft, the exhibition shows collective memories of residents in Jiali District. The sculptures are now presented in Folk Art Performance Troupe Exhibit of Siao-long Cultural Park after being restored by the Graduate Institute of Conservation of Cultural Relics and Museology in Tainan National University of the Arts.     

Exhibition texts written by Huang Wen-bo

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