匈牙利駐村藝術家Tamas Szvet湯明煦個展《全景》 PANORAMA

  • 時間 Date
    2021-07-29 ~ 2022-12-31
  • 地點 Venue
    蕭壠文化園區鐵道區 Railway Area, Siao-Long Cultural Park

全景(2021  公共雕塑鋼筋 5 x 5 x 3 公尺





2020 – 鐵道沿線藝術計畫聯展新竹鐵道藝術村新竹 / 臺灣
2019 – 根基個展總爺藝文中心南麻豆 / 臺灣
2019 – 認同口個展駁二藝術特區大義公園高雄 / 臺灣
2019 客製化聯展Ludwig 當代美術館布達佩斯 / 匈牙利
2018 清風國際藝術雙年展聯展加爾澤 / 冰島


Tamas Szvet / 湯明煦 

生於1982年,匈牙利的索爾沃什。湯明煦曾分別在匈牙利的布達佩斯和荷蘭的阿姆斯特丹求學。他在2018年獲得Hungarian University of Fine Arts 的藝術博士學位,目前在台灣的新竹居住及工作。






成果展於7/29 開幕,Tamas特別拍攝一支短片,用幽默有趣的方式和大家分享這件《全景》(PANORAMA) 戶外雕塑作品的創作過程!


藝術家 Tamas Szvet 在駐村期間特別選定臺南幾處景點手繪360度環景繪圖,
可以利用VR裝置或手機瀏覽此圖,即可立即進行蕭壠文化園區廊道虛擬實境之旅! (VR tour for Siao-Long Cultural Park)



PANORAMA (2021)    public sculpture, iron (Rebar), 5 x 5 x 3 m

Opening Date  2021-07-29
Venue  Railway Area, Siao-Long Cultural Park

On historical sites, one can always feel both the ​​presence and the absence of importance. These intangible qualities tend to be invisible. Persistence work, for example, can only be imagined through stories and artifacts behind the Siao-Long Sugar Manufacturing Company.  A Panoramic artwork is created, to bring the liveliness of the scenery by depicting the hard work, and visualizing the demolished surroundings. Stepping into the drawing-like structure, it surrounds the observer, while the 360° view aims to reconstruct what has long disappeared. The sculpture applies industrial metal, used for reinforcing man-made environments. This material is all around us, acting as invisible protection. It reveals itself only if coming out of the ruins, offering a track to follow, and calling the imagination to build upon. The installation is constructed on such hundred years old remains.


2020 - LINE-UP Festival, (group exhibition) Hsinchu Art Site of Railway Warehouse, Hsinchu / Taiwan
2019 - FOUNDATIONS (solo exhibition) Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center, Madou / Taiwan
2019 - PORT OF IDENTITY (solo exhibition) Pier-2 Art Center, Dayi Park, Kaohsiung / Taiwan
2019 - CUSTOMIZE (group exhibition)
 Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest / Hungary
2018 - FRESH WINDS - International Art Biennale, (group exhibition) Garður / Iceland



Tamas Szvet / 湯明煦 

Born in 1982 in Hungary, Szvet studied in Budapest, and in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He received his Doctorate in Liberal Arts from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2018. He is living and working in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
Szvet is fascinated by visual perception and ways of seeing. His artistic research wants to challenge what we think our vision’s boundaries are and the ways we can push those boundaries down and see the world with fresh eyes.
He combines traditional techniques with new media applications: his sculptures and installations use both natural materials such as wood, bamboo, or metal, and the ephemeral —  light, shadow, projection, reflection and virtual reality. His intention is to create site-specific artworks which surround the viewer and ultimately enhance his or her interaction or engagement with the particular space and locale.

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