2024蕭壠文化園區-國際藝術進駐全球徵件開始囉! Open Call for Artists: 2024 International Artists-in-Residence Program at Soulangh Cultural Park START now!

發佈日期 Date:2023-08-02


Open Call for Artists: 2024 International Artists-in-Residence Program at Soulangh Cultural Park START now!

一、線上報名網址:https://air-culture.tainan.gov.tw/ (僅接受線上申請)



四、進駐主題-現地製作(Site-specific Art)






() 創作者可申請駐村生活費、創作費等(以上均含個人所得稅及二代健保費,外國人所得稅率6%-20%),提供額度依審查會議決議辦理,每案上限為1個月新台幣30,000元整,至多提供至3個月(計新台幣90,000元整)

() 2016年起,入選者應依相關規定另外支付印花稅(補助價金總額千分之一),印花稅另以現金支付,非包含於提撥金額內。

() 入選者於駐村結束前應於蕭壠文化園區舉辦一場創作暨成果展演及(至少)一場親子型工作坊或一日之藝術家工作室開放日,創作暨展演材料費預算上限為新台幣150,000元整(含稅)。所需支出包含:為完成展覽、工作坊及表演所需各式耗材設備及服務、施作、文宣設計、印刷、翻譯、保險、宣傳等(不含作品運輸費)。上述支出項目由主辦單位辦理採購,非逕予藝術家個人。

() 入選者之駐村生活暨創作費,依契約訂定採二期分期付款給付;所有費用支付應符合政府機關核銷作業程序,作業程序依會計核定時間為準,請入選者提前準備至少一個月的生活費現金(約新台幣15,000-20,000),以供急需所用。

() 對以上計畫項目有疑問時,應於申請期間及入選後簽訂契約前提出。相關資訊請至https://air-culture.tainan.gov.tw/下載完整版簡章,或於網站點選「常見問題FAQ」瀏覽。

若有簡章以外的疑問,歡迎來電或來信:06-7228488; soulanghpark@gmail.com


Open Call for Artists: 2024 International Artists-in-Residence Program at Soulangh Cultural Park


1. Online Application: https://air-culture.tainan.gov.tw/ (only accept online applications)

2. Submission deadline: 7 September 2023 (Taiwan time)

3. Resident period: 1 January 2024 to 30 June 2024.

*The minimum residence is 45 days, with a maximum of 90 days per applicant.

4. Resident theme for 2024-Site specific Art:

In 1624, the Dutch built Fort Zeelandia in Anping District in Tainan, which means Tainan is the oldest civilized settlement in Taiwan. The year 2024 will mark the 400th anniversary of the establishment of Tainan as a town or city. In addition, the year 1624 also marks the beginning of cross-continental collaboration being documented widely in Taiwan’s history, including those in respect of culture, trade and art, as well as several areas of conflict in terms of society, politics and the military.

The year 2024 is an important historical moment for ‘Tainan 400’. This year’s (2024) call for artists aims to focus on two main issues: firstly, the exploration and interpretation of themes related to the indigenous Taiwanese tribes, namely the Siraya and the Plains indigenous peoples; and secondly, to visualize and represent discourse on the physical heritage of ‘Tainan 400’, including the local architecture - especially warehouses - and a multitude of other materials, products and objects related to Taiwan’s colonial history during the past 400 years.

5. Eligibility:

We welcome applicants who are interested in:

(1). Interdisciplinary

(2). Visual arts

(3). Performance

All applicants must be able to communicate in either English or Chinese.

Applicants have to plan the proposal based on the theme of 2024, and we encourage you to utilize the resources of Tainan Cultural, include tangible or intangible, the outdoor work which could blend with the environment of Soulangh is most welcome.

6. What do we offer?

(1). Placements of up to three months with free accommodation and studio space.

(2). Living and working expenses in Taiwan (including 18% personal income tax and insurance) - partly subsidized (NT$ 30,000 per month maximum). The total amount will be paid in two installments. Artists will receive payment directly, excluding any tax. Since 2016, the Taiwan government has announced that all terms of the contract should include stamp tax, which is one-thousandth of the total amount. The stamp tax should be paid in cash by the artists themselves, and this is excluded from the subsidy.

(3). Presentation expenses - The maximum allocation is NT$ 150,000 (including tax), which will be paid directly to the relevant contractors. The above expenses include: providing a service or materials used in completing workshops, exhibitions, and performances; fees for brochure design and printing, dissemination, artwork insurance, translation fees, and expenses for a press conference, etc. Any transportation fees for work are excluded.

(4). Administrative support.

If you have any inquiries about the subsidy, you should notify Soulangh Cultural Park during the application or before signing the contract.

7. For further information, please download the full version of the application information on https://air-culture.tainan.gov.tw/ or read the FAQ on the website's front page.

If you have any further questions, please contact us: soulanghpark@gmail.com


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